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There are 14 books in the series Architecture Briefs:

1. Architects Draw, by Sue Ferguson Gussow
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568987408, paperback binding, $29.95

Where does architectural design begin? In an age obsessed with all things digital, it's tempting to envision a computer screen in a paperless studio. While ...
2. Architectural Lighting: Designing with Light and Space, by Herve Descottes, Cecilia E. Ramos
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568989389, paperback binding, $24.95

Architectural Lighting, the latest addition to the Architecture Briefs series, provides both a critical approach to and a conceptual framework for understanding the application of ...
3. Architectural Photography the Digital Way, by Gerry Kopelow
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568986975, paperback binding, $24.95

More than ever, particularly in this day of online media, architects and designers are increasingly faced with exciting and critical marketing and publishing opportunities. Simply ...
4. Building Envelopes: An Integrated Approach, by Jenny Lovell
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568988184, paperback binding, $24.95

Few parts of a building work harder than its envelope (also known as its facade). The envelope is the part of the building most visible ...
5. Digital Fabrications: Architectural and Material Techniques, by Lisa Iwamoto
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568987903, paperback binding, $24.95

Architectural pioneers such as Frank Gehry and Greg Lynn introduced the world to the extreme forms made possible by digital fabrication. It is now possible ...
6. Ethics for Architects: 50 Dilemmas of Professional Practice, by Thomas Fisher
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568989464, paperback binding, $24.95

In this new Architecture Brief, Ethics for Architects, Thomas Fisher presents fifty case studies representing a broad range of ethical dilemmas facing today's architects, from ...
7. Hypernatural: Architecture's New Relationship with Nature, by Blaine Brownell, Marc Swackhamer
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781616892722, paperback binding, $24.95

Despite the ever-growing sophistication of synthetic and digital tools, it's the natural world that captures the imaginations of today's vanguard designers. By looking to nature ...
8. Material Strategies: Innovative Applications in Architecture, by Blaine Brownell
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568989860, paperback binding, $24.95

Blaine Brownell's best-selling Transmaterial series has introduced designers to hundreds of emergent materials that have the potential to transform our built environment. In our new ...
9. Model Making, by Megan Werner
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568988702, paperback binding, $24.95

The ancient craft of architectural model making may seem unnecessary in today's age of digital renderings and virtual tours, but physical models remain a uniquely ...
10. Old Buildings, New Designs: Architectural Transformations, by Charles Bloszies
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781616890353, paperback binding, $24.95

Increasingly, architects are hired to design new work for existing structures. Whether for reasons of preservation, sustainability, or cost-effectiveness, the movement to reuse buildings presents ...
11. Philosophy for Architects, by Branko Mitrovic
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568989945, paperback binding, $24.95

Philosophy for Architects is an engaging and easy-to-grasp introduction to philosophical questions of interest to students of architectural theory. Topics include Aristotle's theories of "visual ...
12. Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide, by David Bergman
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568989419, paperback binding, $24.95

Written for students and practitioners in the fields of architecture and interior design, our new Architecture Brief Sustainable Design provides a concise overview of all ...
13. Urban Composition: Designing Community through Urban Design, by Mark Childs
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781616890520, paperback binding, $24.95

Cities and towns are among humanity's greatest achievements, yet no single individual or organization creates them. The buildings, streets, and gardens of even a small ...
14. Writing about Architecture: Mastering the Language of Buildings and Cities, by Alexandra Lange
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781616890537, paperback binding, $24.95

Extraordinary architecture addresses so much more than mere practical considerations. It inspires and provokes while creating a seamless experience of the physical world for its ...
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