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The Artist's Eye
Peter Jenny

ISBN 9781616890568
Publication date 4/12/2012
4.12 x 5.8 inches (10.5 x 14.7 cm), Paperback
216 pages, 22 color illustrations, 120 b/w illustrations
Rights: World English; Carton qty: 0; ( 1,512 .0)

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This series of small primers on drawing encourages readers not only to pick up a pen and start drawing, but to see the world that surrounds them with fresh eyes. Visual thinking and using one's imagination are skills that are often neglected in today's world. With author Peter Jenny's help, readers will learn to perceive their environment in a new way and will soon follow his lead, discovering the joy of drawing. The three books in the series each present a short introduction by Jenny and twenty-two easy exercises, with each book focusing on a different aspect: Notes on Drawing Technique takes actions such as gesticulating, touching, feeling, doodling, and moving as the starting points for putting pen to paper. Figure Drawing focuses on the archetypal presentation of the human figure, and The Artist's Eye teaches the reader to discover art in everyday objects.

Peter Jenny is professor emeritus and chair of visual design at the famous ETH Zurich in Switzerland.


Editorial Reviews
"The Learning to See series by Peter Jenny is a tidy trilogy of pocket-sized books that will lead you to your sketchbook. Each one opens with an introductory essay designed to get you thinking. This is followed by a series of short exercises that are very easy to launch into. The Artist's Eye puts the focus on training your eye to see more than what you think is there. Look around and there is art in the most mundane of objects. Drawing Techniques offers a variety of simple approaches to drawing and Figure Drawing makes the human figure a lot more accessible. The books present good warm-up exercises to free you up and get you going. Great for doodlers."

Ace Jet 170:
"On the surface, the new Learning To See series of mini-books from PA Press might appear a little low-key. Gift Book-like. But they're more and better than that. They're a quick read and really engaging; especially if you haven't drawn for a while but would like to. It's "How To Draw" for grown ups with loads of exercises and ways to approach making marks that I'd not given any thought to since life drawing classes at college, plus loads of techniques I've never tried before."
"These handy take-along sized books are perfect for all ages interested in wanting to improve their drawing skills."

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