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Patrick Dougherty

ISBN 9781568989761
Publication date 11/2/2010
7 x 9.5 inches (17.8 x 24.1 cm), Paperback
208 pages, 230 color illustrations, 20 b/w illustrations
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Using minimal tools and a simple technique of bending, interweaving, and fastening together sticks, artist Patrick Dougherty creates works of art inseparable with nature and the landscape. With a dazzling variety of forms seamlessly intertwined with their context, his sculptures evoke fantastical images of nests, cocoons, cones, castles, and beehives. Over the last twenty-five years, Dougherty has built more than two hundred works throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia that range from stand-alone structures to a kind of modern primitive architecture--every piece mesmerizing in its ability to fly through trees, overtake buildings, and virtually defy gravity. Stickwork, Dougherty's first monograph, features thirty-eight of his organic, dynamic works that twist the line between architecture, landscape, and art. Constructed on-site using locally sourced materials and local volunteer labor, Dougherty's sculptures are tangles of twigs and branches that have been transformed into something unexpected and wild, elegant and artful, and often humorous. Sometimes freestanding, and other times wrapping around trees, buildings, railings, and rooms, they are constructed indoors and in nature. As organic matter, the stick sculptures eventually disintegrate and fade back into the landscape. Featuring a wealth of photographs and drawings documenting the construction process of each remarkable structure, Stickwork preserves the legend of the man who weaves the simplest of materials into a singular artistic triumph.

Patrick Dougherty grew up in the woods of North Carolina and now lives in Chapel Hill.


Editorial Reviews

Of Sticks and Stones, The New York Times:
"Patrick Dougherty... weaves tree saplings into whirling, animated shapes that resemble tumbleweeds or gusts of wind." — Penelope Green

"Entering one of Patrick Doughertys ephemeral twig wonders is to plunge into daydreama sinuous, lyrical enfolding of pleasurable, vegetable tangles."

People Magazine:
"Stick housing proved disappointing for that one little pig. But Patrick Dougherty's ingenious twig sculptures -- he's made more than 200 for sites around the world -- can last years before disintegrating. STICKWORK, captures their whimsical glory."
"A very inspiring book, Stickwork could well have you out in the woods, coaxing your own twigs into a new creation."
"The photos are quite impressive and I can only imagine how incredible it is to see one of these pieces in person. I look forward to that day! "

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