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In the Wilds
Drawings by Nigel Peake
Nigel Peake

ISBN 9781568989525
Publication date 5/23/2011
6 x 8 inches (15.2 x 20.3 cm), Hardcover
136 pages, 80 color illustrations, 18 b/w illustrations
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In the Wilds is a collection of artist Nigel Peake's hand-drawn observations of rural life. From the trees, fields, lakes, and rolling hills that define the country landscape, to the farm houses, tractors, fences, and telegraph poles that build it, Peake's obsessively detailed pencil and ink drawings and beautifully muted watercolors capture the slow moving rhythm of his surroundings. In a time when everyone seems to be seeking relief from the fast pace of everyday life, In the Wilds offers an escape to a countryside as timeless as it is idyllic.

Nigel Peake is both a maker and an illustrator. With a background in architecture, he creates drawings of the everyday things that surrounds him. He leads a quiet life where the interest is on what is on his walk that day. Most of his days are spent working on commissioned work or self related projects/books. In addition, he provides illustrations for a range of publications as well as high-profile commercial projects, including Hermes, Ninja Tunes, the Royal Horticultural Society, Habitat, and Dwell magazine. He is the author of three previous books including Sheds, and Maps, and he has exhibited his drawings around the world.

He holds an MARCH from the University of Edinburgh and received a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Silver Medal commendation for his architectural thesis exploring borderlands in Istanbul in 2005.


Editorial Reviews
"I love a textured cover on a book, I know its a small and silly thing, but with everyone proclaiming the end of books, I am so glad that publishers are making an effort to preserve the object-ness of the book. In the Wilds, not only has a lovely sturdy textured hard cover, but it is filled with delicate textured drawings based on Nigels love of the land he grew up in. Birds, fields, fences, wood grain he manages to capture the essence of place."

Christian Science Monitor:
"Shows the whimsy behind the obsessive detail of his illustrations, from the bird tracks that circle a tree trunk to the fallen shed and hay bales wrapped in plastic colorful reimaginings that capture an inherent joy about his surroundings."
"A lovely collection of drawings about farms, fields, and birds. It is pretty much irresistible, taken from childhood impressions and Peakes current life in a one-road Irish village, where he is mistaken for the postman."
"A lovely collection... Peake portrays the wild in a captivatingly structured, patterned way, blending whimsy and order in stunning pen sketches, ink drawings and soft, muted watercolors."
"A thoughtful and beautiful collection."
"I cant say enough good things about Nigel Peake. His work is truly amazing and after meeting him last year, it only makes me appreciate his work more... Inspired by natural surroundings, Nigel depicts fields, hills, barns, wood piles, leaves, birds and more, all in tiny ink lines and beautiful watercolor."

"What I love about Nigel is his ability to strip the complicated away from everyday matters, and present them in almost subjective forms. The resulting textures and movement are what makes his work so special theyre transparent, intricate, and very distinct. From tractors, to fields and boats to birds, Nigel translates his idyllic surroundings into organized patterns. The book is filled with patterns and its patterns that best describe what Nigel does best interpreting, repeating them and rendering them."
"A gem of a book.... This book is the perfect gift for those who appreciate the quietest moments."
"I am madly in love with it. I've posted Nigel Peake's work before....The drawings are beautiful and, considering the fact that we're spending most of our days planning our escape to the countryside, the book came at the perfect time."

Ace Jet 170:
"What I found was an obsessive nature and love of the everyday, not unlike my own; a fanatical devotion to his lines; and a view of the world not like any other's. The longer I spent with the book the more my admiration grew. I now love the work of Nigel Peake."
"Its gorgeous. The feel of the cover, the paper, the hand-lettering. And then, of course, the illustrations. He uses a scaffolding of lines and blocks of color to give structure to a rural landscape where things naturally fall apart. Leafing through this book, I felt myself with Peake on one of his daily walks. Surprises abound, and theres a horse with such presence that I was sad to only see him once. Peake says, To let things wanderit takes time. In The Wilds is a deep, full breath of natural wonder."
"Ive always been a fan of his carefully considered and obsessively detailed drawings, so its great to see more of the same wrapped up in a compact, thematically consistent package."
"Drawings about farms, fields and birds. It doesnt sound very appealing, right? Though Nigel Peakes sophisticated works of art are worth a mention; the Irish artist creates sublte images, referring to his childhood memories and the one-road village he calls home. This charming series of drawings was recently published as a book, titled In the Wilds."
"Peake is successful in his endeavor and In the Wilds presents a unique and insightful look into the landscape of the authors childhood. The drawings are presented with minimal explanation, all their natural beauty to shine through and the reader to discover the wilds for himself."

"In this collection of some 100 of his charming drawings and paintings of country life in the "middle of nowhere," an illustrator who was trained as an architect at the University of Edinburgh draws on childhood impressions and his current life in an Irish village. Peake's themes include the elements that make up the landscape, the beauty of functional items, and patterns of nature. "

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