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A Catalog of Screen Printing
Mike Perry

ISBN 9781568989433
Publication date 5/23/2011
8 x 10 inches (20.3 x 25.4 cm), Paperback
256 pages, 256 color illustrations
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From Andy Warhol to the sassy designers of today, screen-printing is a medium with undeniable panache. Prized for its accessibility and bold, saturated colors, screen-printing is cheap, versatile, and a little dirty. Not to mention fast. Author Mike Perry (Hand Job, Over and Over) screened his first shirt in college and wore it later that night. So listen up, burgeoning artistes: it can't always be bad to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Pulled stretches screen-printing in all directions, leaving no element untouched. This book is a survey and a how-to, a collection of prints and an idea bank. It brings together more than forty talented screen printers, including Aesthetic Apparatus, Deanne Cheuk, Steven Harrington, Maya Hayuk, Cody Hudson, Jeremyville, Andy Mueller, Rinzen, and Andy Smith, among many others. Pulled is for the creative person who wants to leave his mark on cotton, or anything else.

Mike Perry works in Brooklyn, New York, making books, magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawings, paintings, illustrations, and teaching whenever possible. He is the author of the books, Hand Job and Over and Over, both published by Princeton Architectural Press. He is currently working on two new books. In 2007 he started a magazine called Untitled, which explores his current interests. He has worked with clients such as Apple, the New York Times Magazine, Dwell magazine, Target, Urban Outfitters, eMusic, and Nike. In 2004 Step magazine included him in their annual "30 Under 30" roundup; in 2007 Computer Arts Projects magazine described him as a groundbreaking illustrator; and in 2008 he received Print magazine's New Visual Artist award and was one of the Art Directors Club Young Guns 6. Doodling away night and day, Perry creates new typefaces and sundry graphics that inevitably find their way into his work, exercising the great belief that generating piles is the sincerest form of creative process. His work has been seen around the world from London, Tokyo, Singapore, Los Angles, Minneapolis, and New York City.


Editorial Reviews
"I have a great book that just landed on my desk called Pulled - A Catalog of Screen Printing by Mike Perry published by Princeton Architectural Press. Have you come across it yet? If you love screen-printed works of art with a focus on modern, graphics and bright colors this book is for you. "

The New York Times Book Review:
"PULLED: A Catalog of Screen Printing offers scores of beautiful, funny, novel and otherwise alluring typographical, illustrative, decorative and comedic silk-screen prints, produced by more than 40 illustrators and designers, whose styles and processes are as broad as this book is thick."

"Like his previous books, Pulled represents not just the potential of a specific technique, but the voices and skills of a young, global art and design culture, which is embracing the page as much as it is the computer screen, producing work that feels fresh and characterful in a field largely dominated by digital expertise."

2modern blog:
"Words cannot explain the joy of opening up your front door to find a package containing the book Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing. A book like this was a long time coming. Brought to us by best-selling author Mike Perry, Pulled culls together over forty designers proving that screen printing is more than just an affordable way to create colorful prints of things; its a gorgeous, inspiring and ever-growing art form."
"Leave it Mike Perry and fellow designer Emily CM Anderson to leave no detailed untouched, from hand writing every page number to uncoated stock this book is just impressive."
"My friends over at Princeton Architectural Press just sent me over a copy of Mike Perrys new book Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing and I dont think it is ever going to make it to my shelf. I cant put it down! Turn to any page, its like getting drop-kicked in the face."
"Pulled is handled with particular charm and has an ace host of artists and illustrators who, as the new generation of screen printers, says more about the process and the potential for manipulation by an artist in a work by work context."
"Illustrator Mike Perry has long been a favorite at Dwell. In his new book, Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing, Perry opens the page to other screen artists in this survey of more than 40 contemporary screen printers."

Pattern People:
"This is a good resource of contemporary designers, and its nice to see all the posters that are still silk screenedthat classic technique with a timeless quality and a never-ending range of possibilities."
" Should go on your must-have book list... Pulled is an exhaustive reference for awe-inspiring registration (or not), happy accidents, texture, and color."
"Great new book from NY artist, illustrator, designer and all round creative dude Mike Perry, Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing showcases the medium beautifully with help from a whole host of talented people including Steven Harrington, Jeremyville, Andy Mueller, Cody Hudson and of course Mike Perry to name just a few. Well worth a peak."
"The fresh design of the book and inspiring examples of contemporary screenprinting make this a must have."
"Because sometimes you've spent such a nice time with a book that you need to share it with your readers. Right here, right now. Pulled contains mostly images. 2 pages of introduction. 2 pages of how to screen print yourself and then bits and pieces of portfolio with a short presentation of each designer/artist/studio. Pretty straightforward, charming and efficient. The author of the book, Mike Perry is one of these screen printing artists which gives the whole book a kind of homely, small community feeling."
"Very excited to see the latest from Mike Perry. Continuing in a similar vein as his other books, Mike does a great job of delving into a specific theme and highlighting important work and people. Pulled takes a look at design through the medium of screen printing, and shows a wide variety of examples. Theres some really lovely work in here I also find it helpful to see the results from different designers, and to see whats achievable with screen printing. Pick up a copy! "

Midwest Book Review:
"Highly recommended for any arts collection."

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