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Year of Mornings, A
3191 Miles Apart
Maria Alexandra Vettese, Stephanie Congdon Barnes

ISBN 9781568987842
Publication date 10/1/2008
6 x 8 inches (15.2 x 20.3 cm), Paperback
208 pages, 450 color illustrations
Rights: World; Carton qty: 28; ( 1,357 .0)

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The morning hours before the hustle and bustle of the day commences is the perfect time to pause and enjoy a sense of renewal and vitality. On the morning of December 7, 2006, Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes each took a digital photo of everyday objects randomly arranged on their kitchen tables and, unbeknownst to one another, uploaded them to the website Flickr. Noticing a remarkable similarity between their images, they agreed to document their mornings by posting one photo to a shared blog every weekday for a year. Their site, 3191 ( after the distance in miles between their homes in Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon--quickly acquired a worldwide following of devotees fascinated by the magical coincidences and pictorial synchronicity of their photographic pairings.

A Year of Mornings collects 236 images--always taken before 10 am without discussion between the two women--from this uniquely 21st century artistic collaboration. The intimacy of these photographs--discarded clothing, a view of a snowy day from the window, a tablecloth--combined with their striking similarities in color and composition defies the reality of their long-distance collaboration. While clearly kindred spirits, the two women have met in person only once. Their friendship is maintained solely online, sustained by a shared love for moments of serenity, solitude, and peacefulness. The annotated photographs in A Year of Mornings radiate an aura of sweetness and light--the promise of a new day.

Stephanie Congdon Barnes is an artist and toymaker (Little Birds Handmade) in Portland, Oregon.

Maria Alexandra Vettese is an artist who uses her letterpress, her camera, and a frequent indulgence in daydreaming to sort out her creative ideas. Along with running her little business, port2port press, she co-curates Lines & Shapes, a small book collective. She works out of an inspiration-lined, light-filled studio and resides with her two cats in Portland, Maine.


Editorial Reviews

The Morning News:
"Stephanie Congdon Barnes and Maria Alexandra Vettese are the photographers behind A Year of Mornings, a blog-turned-book that documents a years daily exchange of photosone picture taken each morning and swapped by emailbetween two friends. What makes the pictures remarkable is that Barnes and Vettese seem of one mind, or at least one art director. Though the original Year of Mornings blog is now offline, you can catch Barnes and Vettese in their new form: a year of evenings. " — Rosecrans Baldwin

Muse Warms the Heart & Mind, Victoria Everman Blog:
"In just the first few pages, I fell in love with photography and mornings all over again. During my high school days, you couldnt get me out of bed before 9 or 10am (thanks to having first period open, ha). In the past 4 years, Ive trained myself to be a morning person, mostly because my fiance is anything but. It is so easy to rush through our morning routines without taking the time to acknowledge and embrace the beauty each new day offers. For me, that is what this book is all about. Click HERE to read the full posting on Victoria Evermans blog. " — Victoria Everman

Stuck In A Book Blog:
"I, along with lots of others, kept my fingers crossed for a book. And our hopes have been realised! It shan't be out until Autumn (or 'Fall', as they would have it) and possibly only from the US, but a copy has my name on it from now. "

3191, Bloesem:
"Last year these talented women made a picture every morning, combined them together and showed them on their blog 3191. (The women live 3191 miles apart)......but 3191 doesn't end here...they will be starting a new project in this space on January 15, 2008 ... 3191, A Year of Evenings..."

You Did What ?! For A Whole Year?, Entertainment Weekly:
"Took photos: Two women 3,191 miles apart snap pics before 10 a.m." — Kate Ward

Daisy May Robin Blog:
"If you're not familiar with 3191, you should be.Everyday for one year, two women who live 3,191 miles apart (one in Portland, Oregon and one in Portland, Maine), posted a photo each morning. Their photos are sensual, yet familiar, and their images always seem to complement one another. Princeton Architectural Press was so intrigued with their online experiment that they're publishing a book of their 365 morning photos, which will be released Fall 2008.Their one year of mornings came to an end a few weeks back. I was elated to discover they just began "one year of evenings.""

The Ties That Bind, The New York Times:
"That each woman paused to record the curve of a daughters ear, a bowl of cereal or a shadow cast across the floor before sitting down in front of a computer is an act that carries with it the most clichd, yet essential, of all messages: stop and smell the roses (and the coffee, the toast, the morning air).Were living in difficult times, and it seems its exactly these tiny details and fleeting moments that can offer us the most solace and even joy. Just as I hold Noisy Nora dear, so, too, I believe, will the children of Mav and Stephanie be grateful for A Year of Mornings. Its transformation from blog to book helps to insure its preservation through the inevitable, endless iterations of technological innovations to come." — Allison Arieff

Rhinestone Armadillo Blog:
"Did any of you visit the blog 3191 last year? Two women, Maria Alexandra Vettesse and Stephanie Congdon Barnes, collaborated on an impromptu, year-long photography project. "3191, A Year of Mornings" began on January 1, 2007 as an almost daily photo conversation, in blog form, between two friends that live 3191 miles apart. It lasted the entire calendar year ending on December 31, 2007."

Your Words Book Club, Real Simple:
"The pictures are gorgeous and inspiring." — Kerry

Apartment Therapy Blog:
"Early in 2007, we discovered 3191, a lovely visual blog collaboration between Stephanie Congdon Barnes and Maria Alexandra Vettese (Mav). It was a treat to see the gorgeous photographs of their mornings -- mornings spent 3191 miles apart, but that always resulted in photos that, somehow, matched. So we're very happy to hear that this fall Princeton Architectural Press will publish the project as a book..."

Freshly Blended Blog:
"Also, this coming fall we will be delighted by a very lovely book being published by one of my favorite houses, Princeton Architectural Press. The authors are Maria (Mav) of port to port press and Stephanie Congdon. Living 3191 miles apart they developed a blog last year to share pictures they each took every morning. each day one contrasts the other creating a visual estetic so pleasing to the eye. 3191 a year of mornings will definitely adorn my coffee table next fall!" — Nicole Lecht

See Saw Designs Blog:
"3191 are two friends who live 3,191 miles apart. Each morning they both post a picture and the result is beautiful. We've enjoyed the past year being inspired by their photos - and now are looking forward to seeing their work published in book form from Princeton Architectural Press {available in the Fall of 2008.}"

Maxine Snider Inc. Blog:
"3191, A Year of Mornings began on January 1, 2007 as an almost daily photo conversation, in blog form, between two friends that live 3191 miles apart. It lasted the entire calendar year ending on December 31, 2007.The project is now being transformed into a book which will be out in the Fall, published by Princeton Architectural Press." — Maxine Snider

Book By Its Cover Blog:
"Every single pairing from that year is in this new book from Princeton Architectural Press. I had gotten a sneak preview of the book from seeing a clip on Martha Stewart that was swirling around blogland- yes even Martha was excited about it. But I did not actually hold the book until now, which I learned has a nice raised texture on the cover of white tiny polka dots that feel really nice to run your hands over. The interior has the photographic pairs sometimes as big as they can be on the page or sometimes scattered around as small as thumbnail images. There are too many image pairings where my mind wonders- how could this have happened? The images sometimes seem so linked that without the other it wouldnt work. There are real coincidences- like a photo of a sleeping cat paired with a photo of some tangled yarn."

Kelly Kilmer Blog:
"3191 A Year of Mornings is very, very high on my want list right now. " — Kelly Kilmer

Capturing distant mornings, Vancouver Sun :
"They both love the early morning, for the promise and possibility they see in it and for its soft light, they revel in being at home and find grace in the small details and quiet rhythms of domestic life spooning yogurt into a bowl, say, instead of eating it straight from the container." — Susan Schwartz

Eagerly Awaiting, Perfect Bound Blog:
"3191 references the number of miles that separate the two friends who live in Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine. I love that they met online through their blogs and Flickr."

Portland Phoenix:
"Their loving photographs of pre-10 am life on opposite coasts (Vettese is based here, and Barnes lives in the other Portland) are beautiful and soft. The book is the result of a blog collaboration, and its a study in color, composition, and the casual calm of morning. No matter whos in charge, we all could use a bit of that."

Martha Stewart Television Show :
"A fascinating's really a beautiful way to celebrate every day." — Martha Stewart

3191: Evenings, Book By Its Cover:
"She has just released a second book of her collaborative photographic work with Stephanie Congdon Barnes called 3191: Evenings. You may remember the last series which began online and then was turned into a beautiful book by Princeton Architectural Press. A Year of Mornings, paired each of their still life daily photographs creating amazing juxtapositions and incredible dialogue between the two photos, even though the artists live 3191 miles apart. As a follow-up, they decided to do a series of evenings: photos taken between the hours of 5 and 10pm. It again started online, and when the year was over they self-published this book (under Other Books), curating the collection themselves. The result is a another lovely book full of tiny personal glimpses into the lives of these two artists. The design of this book is better: the square format allows for bigger full size images, and they have included more at that scale. The very matte paper softens all the color giving the photos an even more calming quality than they already have. Very pretty book! To read the full review on click HERE. " — Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes

The Metaphorical Magpie Blog:
"So many of us turned to 3191 in 2007 to see the beautiful images Mav and Stephanie posted of their mornings each day. I knew early on in their project that this would make a wonderful book. Obviously, I was not alone... If you are not familiar with their work, you really should treat yourself to a dip into their archives. I'm not a morning person myself, so I'm always kind of in awe at what these ladies have seen and done long before my sleepy head lifts from the pillow. On January 15, they will begin a new project on 3191 documenting their evenings. Can't wait."

Pink Argyle Blog:
"Each photo makes me want to quit my job, move to Portland or Maine, and drink lots of tea while surrounded by mountains of gorgeously illustrated books. Sigh." — Mo

3191: A Year of Mornings , Yahoo Picks!:
"When Stephanie and Mav embarked on their "year of mornings," they'd never worked together before. And they live 3,191 miles apartone in Portland, Oregon; the other in Portland, Maine. Yet, these kindred spirits have bridged their continental divide with a daily project that's become one of the most quietly beautiful photoblogs on the Web."

Art~ the narcotic of choice, Beach Bungalow 8 Blog:
"Maria alexandra vettesethe and stephanie congdon barnes began taking photos of things randomly displayed on their kitchen tables {all before noon} and posting them to flickr. complete strangers and living 3191 miles apart, neither woman was aware of the other or that she was doing the same. eventually catching wind of the other's work, they began developing a blog together. the two continued to post their photos, one next to the other. everyday. and the crazy thing is that they've only met, in person, once. really. Incredible story isn't it? The beautiful pairings of their work will appear, this fall in their book "3191, a year of mornings" the book is a compilation of these serene images, taken by two women with a love for early mornings quiet hours and the beauty found in the simplicity of life~ 3191 miles apart."

To Which I Aspire, I Heart Mountains Blog:
"In a roundabout, blog-surfing kind of way today, I came across this: A Year of Mornings, 3191 Miles Apart. The co-authors of this book both photographed their mornings each day for a year and uploaded the photos to Flickr, totally unbeknownst to the other. And then the Princeton Architectural Press picked up the book idea and published it. Lucky (talented) ducks.The work is really lovely." — Annabelle

Oh boy, Oh boy, Pretty Crafty Thing Blog:
"One of my first favorite blogs is 3191, A Year of Mornings. Two friends and talented photographers, Stephanie and Mav, living 3191 miles from each other have chronicled the past year by daily posting photographs they take every morning. I was totally inspired by their unique way of connecting with each other and the beautiful photos that transpired. A Year of Mornings has ended but I am happy to say that A Year of Evenings will begin on Jan 15. And great news for all - their book of images will be published by Princeton Architectural Press and will be released Fall of 2008. So excited!"

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