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Our top 25 best selling titles in Design:

1. Thinking with Type, Second, Revised, Expanded Edition: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students, by Ellen Lupton
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568989693, paperback binding, $24.95

Our all-time best selling book is now available in a revised and expanded second edition. Thinking with Type is the definitive guide to using typography ...
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2. Woodcut, by Bryan Nash Gill
ISBN 9781616890483, hardcover binding, $29.95

If there is, indeed, nothing lovelier than a tree, Connecticut-based artist Bryan Nash Gill shows us why. Creating large-scale relief prints from cross sections of ...
3. Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming, by Ellen Lupton
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568989792, paperback binding, $24.95

Creativity is more than an inborn talent. It is a hard-earned skill that, like all skills, improves with practice. Graphic Design Thinking explores a variety ...
4. Up on the Roof: New York's Hidden Skyline Spaces, by Alex MacLean
ISBN 9781616890506, hardcover binding, $50.00

For over thirty years, trained architect-turned photographer/ pilot Alex MacLean has documented the American landscape from the air. His remarkable photographs capture the surreal beauty ...
5. Typography Sketchbooks, by Steven Heller, Lito Talarico
ISBN 9781616890421, paperback binding, $40.00

Typography is at the heart of visual communication. Many artists obsess over it as one of the purest forms of design. Now available in paperback, ...
6. Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information, by Manuel Lima
ISBN 9781568989365, hardcover binding, $50.00

Our ability to generate information now far exceeds our capacity to understand it. Finding patterns and making meaningful connections inside complex data networks has emerged ...
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7. The Guerilla Art Kit, by Keri Smith
ISBN 9781568986883, hardcover binding, $19.95

We are living in a golden age of self-expression. The explosion of user-created content on blogs and social networking sites moved Time magazine to name ...
8. Figure Drawing, by Peter Jenny
Series: Learning to See
ISBN 9781616890490, paperback binding, $12.95

This series of small primers on drawing encourages readers not only to pick up a pen and start drawing, but to see the world that ...
9. The Artist's Eye, by Peter Jenny
Series: Learning to See
ISBN 9781616890568, paperback binding, $12.00

This series of small primers on drawing encourages readers not only to pick up a pen and start drawing, but to see the world that ...
10. Drawing Techniques, by Peter Jenny
Series: Learning to See
ISBN 9781616890544, paperback binding, $12.95

This series of small primers on drawing encourages readers not only to pick up a pen and start drawing, but to see the world that ...
11. America's Other Audubon, by Joy Kiser
ISBN 9781616890599, hardcover binding, $45.00

Nearly everyone is familar with John James Audubon and his seminal color-plate book, The Birds of America. But few people are aware of another monumental ...
12. Pinhole Cameras: A Do-It-Yourself Guide, by Chris Keeney
ISBN 9781568989891, hardcover binding, $19.95

There can be so much more to taking a picture than pressing a button, and the quirky, time-bending results of the pinhole camera will surely ...
13. You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination, by Katharine Harmon
ISBN 9781568984308, paperback binding, $24.95

Mapmaking fulfills one of our most ancient and deep-seated desires: understanding the world around us and our place in it. But maps need not just ...
14. The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography, by Katharine Harmon, Gayle Clemans
ISBN 9781568989723, paperback binding, $29.95

As seen in O: The Oprah Magazine, the New York Times Book Review, USA Today, Cool Hunting, and countless other media outlets, The Map as ...
15. Year of Mornings, A : 3191 Miles Apart, by Maria Alexandra Vettese, Stephanie Congdon Barnes
ISBN 9781568987842, paperback binding, $24.95

The morning hours before the hustle and bustle of the day commences is the perfect time to pause and enjoy a sense of renewal and ...
16. Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture, by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and Jeroen Barendse
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568989372, paperback binding, $24.95

The last decade has witnessed a proliferation of artists whose primary medium is software. Algorithmic processes, harnessed through the medium of computer code, allow artists ...
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17. Graphic Design Theory: Readings from the Field, by Helen Armstrong
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568987729, paperback binding, $24.95

The titles in our best-selling Design Brief series are highly praised by graphic design students, educators, and professionals worldwide as invaluable resources. Each beautifully designed, ...
Available for online reading at
18. Hand Job: A Catalog of Type, by Mike Perry
ISBN 9781568986265, paperback binding, $35.00

In this digital age of computer-generated graphics and typography, it's refreshing to find typographers who still believe in working by hand. No longer relegated to ...
19. Geometry of Design, Revised and Updated Second Edition: Studies in Proportion and Composition, by Kimberly Elam
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781616890360, paperback binding, $24.95

The very first volume in our acclaimed Design Briefs series is now available in a revised and updated second edition. Geometry of Design is a ...
20. In the Wilds: Drawings by Nigel Peake, by Nigel Peake
ISBN 9781568989525, hardcover binding, $22.95

In the Wilds is a collection of artist Nigel Peake's hand-drawn observations of rural life. From the trees, fields, lakes, and rolling hills that define ...
Available for online reading at
21. BEE, by Rose-Lynn Fisher
ISBN 9781616890766, paperback binding, $19.95

Of the ten million or so different species of insects on our planet, none is more fascinating than the honeybee. One of the oldest forms ...
22. D.I.Y. Kids , by Ellen Lupton, Julia Lupton
ISBN 9781568987071, paperback binding, $14.95

All over the world, parents are raising kids to get active and embrace the "design-it-yourself" spirit of homemade arts and crafts. D.I.Y. Kids encourages young ...
Available for online reading at
23. How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul, new edition, by Adrian Shaughnessy
ISBN 9781568989839, paperback binding, $24.95

Published to instant acclaim in 2005, our best selling How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul has become a trusted resource for ...
24. Cartographies of Time, by Daniel Rosenberg, Anthony Grafton
ISBN 9781616890582, paperback binding, $35.00

Our critically acclaimed smash hit Cartographies of Time is now available in paperback. In this first comprehensive history of graphic representations of time, authors Daniel ...
25. The Electric Information Age Book: McLuhan/Agel/Fiore and the Experimental Paperback, by Adam Michaels, Jeffrey T. Schnapp
Series: Inventory Books
ISBN 9781616890346, paperback binding, $22.95

The Electric Information Age Book explores the nine-year window of mass-market publishing in the sixties and seventies when formerly backstage players'designers, graphic artists, editors'stepped into ...
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