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Our top 25 best selling titles in Design:

1. Thinking with Type, Second, Revised, Expanded Edition: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students, by Ellen Lupton
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568989693, paperback binding, $24.95

Our all-time best selling book is now available in a revised and expanded second edition. Thinking with Type is the definitive guide to using typography ...
Available for online reading at
2. Vintage Typography Notecards
Series: Paper+Goods:Notecards
ISBN 9781616891466, gift box binding, $14.95

Discovered in vintage typographic manuals, the specimens featured on these elegant cards range from one-of-a-kind hand-drawn samples to classic favorites used in the early decades ...
3. Paula Scher MAPS: New York / Paris / London: Three Mini Journals, by Paula Scher
Series: Paper+Goods:Journals
ISBN 9781616891435, paperback with sewn spine and back pocket, 64 pages each, 1 gridded, 1 lined, 1 blank binding, $14.95

Introducing a new line of smart and stylish gift products developed in collaboration with legendary international design firm Pentagram. These three pocket-sized journals are decorated ...
4. Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming, by Ellen Lupton
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568989792, paperback binding, $24.95

Creativity is more than an inborn talent. It is a hard-earned skill that, like all skills, improves with practice. Graphic Design Thinking explores a variety ...
5. Woodcut Notecards, by Bryan Nash Gill
Series: Paper+Goods:Notecards
ISBN 9781616891473, gift box with 12 full-color cards (6 designs, repeating 2 times) and 12 envelopes binding, $15.95

If there is, indeed, nothing lovelier than a tree, artist Bryan Nash Gill shows us why. In this collection of notecards, based on the book ...
6. Typography Sketchbooks, by Steven Heller, Lito Talarico
ISBN 9781616890421, paperback binding, $40.00

Typography is at the heart of visual communication. Many artists obsess over it as one of the purest forms of design. Now available in paperback, ...
7. Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information, by Manuel Lima
ISBN 9781568989365, hardcover binding, $50.00

Our ability to generate information now far exceeds our capacity to understand it. Finding patterns and making meaningful connections inside complex data networks has emerged ...
8. Draw Your Own Alphabets: Thirty Fonts to Scribble, Sketch, & Make Your Own, by Tony Seddon
ISBN 9781616891268, paperback binding, $19.95

There are many ways to make your writing feel more personal, but none carries the charge of using a custom-drawn font. Draw Your Own Alphabets ...
9. What Did I Buy Today?: An Obsessive Consumption Journal, by Kate Bingaman-Burt
Series: Paper+Goods:Journals
ISBN 9781616891367, paperback binding, $12.95

Record your spending dreams and dramas, from the minute to the monumental, in this week-by-week logbook of splurges and savings. This journal is charmingly illustrated ...
10. Bird Watching Journal: And Other Nature Observations, by Joy Kiser
Series: Paper+Goods:Journals
ISBN 9781616891411, hardcover binding, $16.95

Based on the best-selling America's Other Audubon, this aspirational journal is rife with tips for casual and beginner birding and nature enthusiasts. ...
11. Nests and Eggs Notecards, by Joy Kiser
Series: Paper+Goods:Notecards
ISBN 9781616891381, gift box binding, $14.95

Images from America's Other Audubon make up this stunning collection of notecards featuring carefully crafted nests and the colorful and speckled eggs they protect. ...
12. 75 Artist Books: The Kaldewey Press, New York, by Clemens von Lucius
ISBN 9783874398251, paperback binding, $50.00

Since founding the Kaldewey Press in rural Poestenkill, NY, in 1985, Gunnar A. Kaldewey has produced exactly seventy-five artist books in limited editions, some of ...
13. You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination, by Katharine Harmon
ISBN 9781568984308, paperback binding, $24.95

Mapmaking fulfills one of our most ancient and deep-seated desires: understanding the world around us and our place in it. But maps need not just ...
14. Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture, by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and Jeroen Barendse
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568989372, paperback binding, $24.95

The last decade has witnessed a proliferation of artists whose primary medium is software. Algorithmic processes, harnessed through the medium of computer code, allow artists ...
15. Graphic Design Theory: Readings from the Field, by Helen Armstrong
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568987729, paperback binding, $24.95

The titles in our best-selling Design Brief series are highly praised by graphic design students, educators, and professionals worldwide as invaluable resources. Each beautifully designed, ...
16. Hand Job: A Catalog of Type, by Mike Perry
ISBN 9781568986265, paperback binding, $35.00

In this digital age of computer-generated graphics and typography, it's refreshing to find typographers who still believe in working by hand. No longer relegated to ...
17. Geometry of Design, Revised and Updated Second Edition: Studies in Proportion and Composition, by Kimberly Elam
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781616890360, paperback binding, $24.95

The very first volume in our acclaimed Design Briefs series is now available in a revised and updated second edition. Geometry of Design is a ...
18. Geometry of Design, Revised and Updated Second Edition: Studies in Proportion and Composition, by Kimberly Elam
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781616890360, paperback binding, $24.95

The very first volume in our acclaimed Design Briefs series is now available in a revised and updated second edition. Geometry of Design is a ...
Available for online reading at
19. How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul, new edition, by Adrian Shaughnessy
ISBN 9781568989839, paperback binding, $24.95

Published to instant acclaim in 2005, our best selling How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul has become a trusted resource for ...
20. The Electric Information Age Book: McLuhan/Agel/Fiore and the Experimental Paperback, by Adam Michaels, Jeffrey T. Schnapp
Series: Inventory Books
ISBN 9781616890346, paperback binding, $22.95

The Electric Information Age Book explores the nine-year window of mass-market publishing in the sixties and seventies when formerly backstage players'designers, graphic artists, editors'stepped into ...
21. Indie Publishing: How to Design and Produce Your Own Book, by Ellen Lupton
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568987606, paperback binding, $24.95

Once referred to derisively as "vanity publishing," self-published books are finally taking their place alongside more accepted indie categories such as music, film, and theater. ...
22. Grid Systems: Principles of Organizing Type, by Kimberly Elam
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568984650, paperback binding, $24.95

Although grid systems are the foundation for almost all typographic design, they are often associated with rigid, formulaic solutions. However, the belief that all great ...
23. Typographic Systems, by Kimberly Elam
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568986876, paperback binding, $24.95

Typographic organization has always been a complex system in that there are so many elements at play, such as hierarchy, order of reading, legibility, and ...
24. The Wayfinding Handbook: Information Design for Public Places, by David Gibson
Series: Design Briefs
ISBN 9781568987699, paperback binding, $24.95

Where am I? What can I do here? Where can I go from here? How do I get out of here?

Consciously or not, we ...
25. Paul Rand: Conversations with Students, by Michael Kroeger
Series: Conversations with Students
ISBN 9781568987255, paperback binding, $19.95

As one of the most influential and inspirational graphic designers of the twentieth century, Paul Rand defined modern American graphic design. His iconic logo designs ...
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